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Top 5 Most Hated US Presidents

Since declaring the current president as "worst president ever" seems to be a habit for American people I decided to ignore presidents after 1990. The history will judge them too. This top meets the objectivity criteria According to Historical rankings of Presidents of the United States published by Wikipedia.

richard nixon most hated president
5. Richard Nixon (1969 – 1974)

Nixon lied a whole nation that he never intervened in justice matters. He resigned from U.S. president position less than 9 months later to avoid impeachment for lying and obstructing justice in the Watergate Affair. He remained remembered for how he lied everybody without even blinking. More than that, he had ordered the secret bombing of Cambodia. He never admitted he did anything wrong during his term.

4. Andrew Johnson (1865 – 1869)

andrew johnson most hated presidentJohnson has taken over the presidency immediately after the assassination of Abe Lincoln. Johnson rejected the first civil rights bill, saying that it gave “a perfect equality of the white and black races in every State of the Union.” In a missive to the governor of the state of Missouri he stated: “this is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government for white men.” The Republicans in congress overrode his veto and the Civil Rights bill became law. Johnson tried to remove Edward Stanton as Secretary of War directly breaking the Tenure of Office Act which Johnson had rejected. He was impeached (and is the first president to be so) but found innocent by only one vote.

3. Warren G Harding (1921 – 1923)

Warren G Harding Harris most hated president
Harding administration was surrounded with moral turpitude. He had extramarital affairs with four women. Harding’s Secretary of the Interior Albert B Fall, was the first member of a presidential cabinet to go to prison for his participation in the Teapot Dome affair. When Harding got elected, he advantaged his friends (please see the Ohio Gang) to key political positions. These guys used their influence only to steal the country. Harding is famous to have said: “I have no trouble with my enemies, but my damn friends, my God-damned friends… they’re the ones that keep me walking the floor nights!”

2. James Buchanan (1857 – 1861)
James Buchanan most hated presidentBuchanan is the only president from Pennsylvania and the only president who stayed unmarried for entire life, and the last one born in 18th century. He was perceived by his contemporaries as a compromise between the two factions of the slavery questionIn his first public speech as president, Buchanan said that the slavery issue was of “little practical importance” because the Supreme Court was about to settle it. Just couple of days after this speech US Supreme Court issued the Dred Scott decision in which it ruled that people of African origin, whether or not they were slaves, could never become U.S. citizens, and that US-Congress had no power to enforce slavery prohibition in federal states. Additionally, Buchanan’s presidency was also shaken by the Panic of 1857,  an unexpected crisis in the U.S. economy. During his term, 7 slave states seceded, the Southern Confederacy came into being, all federal weapons and forts in the seceded territories were lost, and a 4th of all U.S. troops surrendered to Confederation soldiers. In 2006 historians said his failure to make a deal with pro-slavery South was the worst error of an U.S. president ever made.
1. Franklin Pierce (1853 – 1857)

Franklin Pierce most hated president
Just couple of months before Pierce got elected as President, Pierce witnessed his son death in a train accident. He was on the edge of a nervous break-down. The most controversial event of Pierce’s presidency was the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which repealed what is known in history as the Missouri Compromise and established for dwellers the right to vote whether to permit slavery, in the name of popular sovereignty or rule of the people. The Act also caused a wave of outrage in the abolitionist North and spurred the creation of the Republican Party, a political faction that was organized as a prompt answer to the Act. Pierce is considered one of the least effective Presidents as well as a mediocre and irresolute politician who was easily influenced. His main fault was the endemic lack of leadership he could provide to the nation. As of 2007, Pierce is the only elected president not to be renominated by a political party for a second candidacy as president.


Linden Johnson should be rated worst

Ummmmm why is FDR not anywhere on this list?

Barack Hussein Obama is THE most destructive president in American history.

He has systematically bankrupted the Country to the point of no return all in the name of 'fairness'

Marxist MF!!

Honors for the top spot on that list go to...Barack Hussein Obama (aka) Barry Soetoro the most evil and hated president of all ....see the website below

Obama - The Manchurian candidate...evidence below

...and still more reasons to despise and distrust the current poser in the White House...

George W. Bush without a doubt!

the muslim animal obama is the most hated president ... except the shit of america loves this animal chimpanzee

obama... just recently he stated in one of his speeches that capitalism was failing..

you ppl r fuckin retared! the most hated president is George W. Bush! That fuckin dickhead bankrupted the whole country!! AND STOP BLAMING MUSLIMS YOU BITCHES!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA IS TRYING TO REPAIR THE DAMAGES THAT THAT ASSHOLE (GEORGE W BUSH) DID!!! IF U DON'T AGREE....................... GO FUCK UR MOM U PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSLIMS RULE YOU ASSHOLE! :p

you ppl r fuckin retared! the most hated president is George W. Bush! That fuckin dickhead bankrupted the whole country!! AND STOP BLAMING MUSLIMS YOU BITCHES!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA IS TRYING TO REPAIR THE DAMAGES THAT THAT ASSHOLE (GEORGE W BUSH) DID!!! IF U DON'T AGREE....................... GO FUCK UR MOM U PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSLIMS RULE YOU ASSHOLE! :p

Wow in the deep underbelly of the world lies U.S. citizens who wuld say Barrack is the most hated. I know he could be the most hated by you know racist people, but he didn't disrupt anything, but oh my god geouge Bus made just about everyone in other countries hate us. Seriously, you know what if Mccain actually made it to president, we'd proably be at war for no reason, and in actual DEBT because people like Mccain only want to take money from their own country, DUH.

You all are ignorant to politics. I'm upset that this site even exist. First off.... you should address our current president as President Obama. Second... President Obama IS NOT MUSLIM.... No disrespect to followers of the Muslim religion. Most importantly, President Obama has done more for, not only this country but our allies, than any other president in recent history. And in my opinion the worst president is a tie between Richard Nixon who cold heartedly lied to an entire nation and George w. Bush who drove or economy head first into a bowl of manure after former president Bill Clinton had our economy at at an all time high.

Bush (both; same agenda), Reagan, Nixon, LBJ (that ugly lying fuck). These people are the sickest bastards that eve lay calim to be "Americans." Especially Reagan, that phoney fucker. And people say he was the greatest? Fuck me.

Reagon and Bush can suck my homosexual dick. LBJ, too.

Nice to see that intelligence hasn't found its way into most of these arguments. I dont care for obama, but i'll let a few years drop by before deciding if he is the worst. And really, I doubt he is. the list is pretty accurate.

You stupid, racist, uneducated bastards. First of all is President Barack Obama. I addition, the man is trying to save this country from becoming a third world country; GH have to be the biggest motherfucker that has ever lived and most important worst peace of shyt of president, him and the people that dislike Obama could suck on my 13inch black dick.


Barack Hussein Obama and George Bush Jr.

Let's keep our 3 inch black dicks out of the discussion. I have no party affiliation -- to me they both suck.
Gw Bush was bad due to his silly warmongering; JCarter was just plain inept; DNixon was a jackass; Obama is the worst because his policies suck and he has no respect for war vets. Thus Obama will go down in history as the worst president ever.

Bush sr. Bush jr. Nixon. Reagan and anybody else who wants to go to war for no reason. How much does going to war cost? So they raise the debt to go to war with ppl over drugs and oil.

Mitt Romney (I'm saddened by the fact my phone recognizes those words) will hit the list if he weasels his slimy golden ass into office. Obama is hated for being humanly incapable of cleaning up messes left by Bush. Sorry, I never had the heart to say my mom did a terrible job cleaning up after me...pretty much the same idea. And the racists have their reasons, too..Clearly, the Obama haters have terrible spelling and control issues, and I was raised to never trust the crazies.

Unless you're part of that elite 53% of people Romney cares about, you have no reason not to say he would be the worst president, if he got bought (err..voted) in.

Amen!! GEORGE W BUSH hands down is the most hated... This cracker raped the country 8 years in a row left it bankrupt and now those racist devils wan't to put the blame on OBAMA...This is nothing new they fuck up the country and blame it on every body else..

I think van buren could have been

Absolutely OBAMA. Worst most destructive POTUS ever. Your list is wrong, you have a new number one! The things Nixon did are very minor compared to the current scumbag in chief.

No doubt about it, Bush and his partner in crime Chene. started two wars, lied about WMD, drove the economy into severe recession, almost completly wrecked everything he touched and caused the stature of the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world to the lowest point ever. No question that "W" & company the worst ever!

Obama is the worst. He thinks he is king of the country and abuses his executive order. He has a blatant disregard and will destroy America
Obamacare is a joke and will cost the tax payers money. He has some hard on for illegals and wants them all to be citizens while the American people continue to lose jobs and homes. There are more people on foodstamps now and the number continues to grow. While he is out going on vacations the debt grows. America was once a great company but not any longer. Its rotting at the core because of Obama. He is nothing more then a dictator. I would never say he is my president. We havent had a president since this idiot was elected.

obama is anti-AMERICAN. he is a big lying ass hypocrite as well. fukk obama and every ass-hole that voted for him.

Without a doubt Barack Hussein Obama is the most hated.

It's nice to see that those three turn you on. You must really like them. But, Bush is straight and the other two are dead, so your dreams will probably never come true unless they go to Hell with you.

Yea obama is pretty bad. he really has np fucking idea what hes doing

Obama is by far the worst president because he consistently says one thing and then does the opposite. He brushes scandles (Fast & Furious, AP, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, etc.) under the rug and tries to draw the publics' focus to something else. The way he spends our money has the real possibility of leading to the collapse of our economy. Obama Care has disrupted the lives of millions; we can't afford this or all the other give away programs that he has implemented. He is making so many dependent upon government. Government has become too large. We have to stop printing money and actually create jobs. We need a president that is willing to work with both parties for the common good of the people instead one that appears to be the great divider. He doesn't have the experience or the integrity to hold the office of the President of the United States of America.

Wow on the level of stupidity on some of the commentary. Apparently some people responding have NO manners. Other things could be easily proven wrong by fact. Know history, society, economics, and politics well, otherwise it gets you nowhere

I don't see how Nixon's actions are "very minor" compared to what Obama has done. Did Obama lead a large political scandal? Did he have his administration harass activist groups and major federal agencies? Did he lie about involvement in crimes? Did he quit because he knew he would be kicked out of office? Did cause more war after promising to end it? You can answer all those questions with no. By the way, since you and many others can't tell, this is a list of the most hated, not the worst, so surely Obama would fit here, only because of the ignorant people like you. I'm sure Bush would go here too because I know he faced much hatred as well.

Funny how you're probably the same person who would say no that he isn't acting tough enough towards Putin. By the way, other presidents have issued more executive orders in only one term than Obama has up to this date (168), one of those Presidents being Bush (in his first term: 173). You should really do some research before calling someone out like that.

Just because you don't agree with his policies doesn't mean you have to hate him. All presidential candidates lie.

I find it hard to believe that ignorance is so prevelent in America. History will show who the most effective and disliked presidents are. It is my opinion that because President Obama is trying to fix so many problems passed on by previous presidents that it's to overwhelming for the country. Instead of hating him because of ethnicity trying looking in the neighborhoods to see if he's hated, admired or praised .

Obama is evil!!! He is trying to destroy our nation!!

Bush(Zionist slave) and their local puppets are the most hated people in the Muslim world.US media propaganda although its objective are to win peoples heart in Muslim world but how can one win the heart of a person whose house you are destroying.people do see the reality out there and can understand the culprit behind.US and zionist agents

Everyone claims we went to,war for oil..where is all this mystery oil? Gas prices are at an all time high, so obviously we didn't steal oil. What little oil we did get from Iraq we paid for, paid well. Then we rebuilt. Their whole infrastructure.

Obama is a warmonger as well..Bush has been gone for alot of years, yet we are still at war.

The real rascists are the people pulling the race card every time anybody disagrees with Obama's policies
Is that your only argument? Is this how debates are won nowadays? "i win and your a rascist", how stupid are you people?

obama is the MOST DESTRUCTIVE president who not only destroyed our country, but the world- he empowered Al Qaeda, Isis was formed on his watch and he ignored the information for over a year, he gave 49 million to HAMAS to fight Israel, he entertained Muslim Brotherhood in WH and gave them money as well.
He is simply EVIL of Evils and he is not done yet-over 2 more years of his deliberate destruction to go....

in my lifetime definitely the bushes,

For good or ill, FDR still has his ardent supporters.

Barack is and should be. He is a dirty African from Kenya and share no ancestry with any African American and they are so lowly and pitiful that they still want to claim there was a black president ha no real African American president would allow Negros to be killed un armed. And he keeps trying to talk about gun control when they knew the shootings would happen so yeah nothing but a lying Leo that they snuck in the white house its about the people and not someone legacy when they did absolutely no governing at all just taking control forcing things on people and way to many executive orders. Just wait till all the truth is out then what will they say?

DONALD TRUMP will go down in history as the worst mistake this nation has EVER made!! How the he'll did we elect a narcissistic, orange spray tanned, reality TV star to lead the nation?? This man has serious mental health issues...impeach this madman before it is too late!!

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