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The most hated killer of Norway is a Freemason

Anders Behring Breivik the author of Norway massacre (77 deaths and 96 injuries) presented by international media as a far-right white extremist is actually a freemason. Media easily forgets this guy has written and distributed electronically a so-called manifesto - European Declaration of Independence  –  which was written by infamous Breivik in his quality of member of Templar Knights Order (Solomon's Temple). This order, other than naming, doesn't have anything to do with the medieval Templar Knights order and is, in fact a regular masonic order. See below a picture of the horrid criminal taken just one day before his attacks. The image speaks for itself.
Anders Behring Breivik Most Hated People
The "Brother" Breivik

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seven People to Hate for Financial Crisis

Alan Greenspan Most Hated People
Alan Greenspan
1. Alan Greenspan

The Federal Reserve chairman — an economist and a disciple of libertarian icon Ayn Rand — met his first major challenge in office by preventing the 1987 stock-market crash from spiraling into something much worse. Then, in the 1990s, he presided over a long economic and financial-market boom and attained the status of Washington's resident wizard. But the super-low interest rates Greenspan brought in the early 2000s and his long-standing disdain for regulation are now held up as leading causes of the mortgage crisis. The maestro admitted in an October congressional hearing that he had "made a mistake in presuming" that financial firms could regulate themselves.

Christopher Cox Most Hated People
Chris Cox
2. Chris Cox

The ex-SEC chief's blindness to repeated allegations of fraud in the Madoff scandal is mind-blowing, but it's really his lax enforcement that lands him on this list. Cox says his agency lacked authority to limit the massive leveraging that set up last year's financial collapse. In truth, the SEC had plenty of power to go after big investment banks like Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch for better disclosure, but it chose not to. Cox oversaw the dwindling SEC staff and a sharp drop in action against some traders.

Bernard Madoff Most Hated People
Bernie Madoff
3. Bernie Madoff

His alleged Ponzi scheme could inflict $50 billion in losses on society types, retirees and nonprofits. The bigger cost for America comes from the notion that Madoff pulled off the biggest financial fraud in history right under the noses of regulators. Assuming it's all true, the banks and hedge funds that neglected due diligence were stupid and paid for it, while the managers who fed him clients' money — the so-called feeders — were reprehensibly greedy. But to reveal government and industry regulators as grossly incompetent casts a shadow of doubt far and wide, which crimps the free flow of investment capital. That will make this downturn harder on us all.
Phil Gramm Most Hated People
Phil Gramm

4. Phil Gramm

As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee from 1995 through 2000, Gramm was Washington's most prominent and outspoken champion of financial deregulation. He played a leading role in writing and pushing through Congress the 1999 repeal of the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act, which separated commercial banks from Wall Street. He also inserted a key provision into the 2000 Commodity Futures Modernization Act that exempted over-the-counter derivatives like credit-default swaps from regulation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Credit-default swaps took down AIG, which has cost the U.S. $150 billion thus far.

5. Sandy Weill
Sandy Weill Most Hated People
      Sandy Weill

Who decided banks had to be all things to all customers? Weill did. Starting with a low-end lender in Baltimore, he cobbled together the first great financial supermarket, Citigroup. Along the way, Weill's acquisitions (Smith Barney, Travelers, etc.) and persistent lobbying shattered Glass-Steagall, the law that limited the investing risks banks could take. Rivals followed Citi. The swollen banks are now one of the country's major economic problems. Every major financial firm seems too big to fail, leading the government to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to keep them afloat. The biggest problem bank is Weill's Citigroup. The government has already spent $45 billion trying to fix it.

Ian McCarthy Most Hated People
Ian McCarthy
6. Ian McCarthy

Homebuilders had plenty to do with the collapse of the housing market, not just by building more homes than the country could stomach, but also by pressuring people who couldn't really afford them to buy in. As CEO of Beazer Homes since 1994, McCarthy has become something of a poster child for the worst builder behaviors. An investigative series that ran in the Charlotte Observer in 2007 highlighted Beazer's aggressive sales tactics, including lying about borrowers' qualifications to help them get loans. The FBI, Department of Housing and Urban Development and IRS are all investigating Beazer. The company has admitted that employees of its mortgage unit violated regulations — like down-payment-assistance rules —at least as far back as 2000. It is cooperating with federal investigators.  

7. Jimmy Cayne

James Cayne Most Hated People
Jimmy Cayne
Plenty of CEOs screwed up on Wall Street. But none seemed more asleep at the switch than Bear Stearns' Cayne. He left the office by helicopter for 3 ½-day golf weekends. He was regularly out of town at bridge tournaments and reportedly smoked pot. (Cayne denies the marijuana allegations.) Back at the office, Cayne's charges bet the firm on risky home loans. Two of its highly leveraged hedge funds collapsed in mid-2007. But that was only the beginning. Bear held nearly $40 billion in mortgage bonds that were essentially worthless. In early 2008 Bear was sold to JPMorgan for less than the value of its office building. "I didn't stop it. I didn't rein in the leverage," Cayne later told Fortune.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities of 2011

[Written by Billy Sekayi - from]

There will always be celebrities that people love to hate and whether the reasons are valid or not there are a number of celebrities that stood out most in the hated category this year.

We've searched the web, researched and lo and behold, we've come up with stats and the top 10 most hated celebrities of 2011 in order. (Please note that this list does not reflect the views of us here at Most Hated People, we are merely showing information we have gotten from the web) Check out the list below in no particular order.

Kim Kardashian - Ray-J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries name who you want! Kim K has dated a number of celebs and even got married to one of them.When you turn on the TV there is a high chance you are going to see Kim K on TV...When you open a magazine the 1st thing you are going to see is, Kim K... She is EVERYWHERE!!! They should just have a show called "The Kardashians Take The WORLD. Now to say that this annoys people is an understatement, with most of the general public believeing that she is a bad example to little girls. Yep, its safe to say that Ms. Kardashian is not a favorite with the soccer mom's, definitely one of, if not THE most hated celeb of 2011

Drake - Now I think, for as long as this man is a rapper he is going to appear on this list. It seems sheer talent cannot make people "love you". Which is pretty ironic because a lot Drake's songs have to do with love. Anyways , this thought of love, and singing/rapping about it has forced a lot of people to call him "soft". A tattoo he got of Aaliyah's name on his back confirmed, apparently, that Drake is a "softie". So getting a tattoo of someone you admire makes you soft? And rapping about love makes you soft too...okay, am I missing something? Nonetheless, " Drizzy Drake Rogers" has to go down as one of the most hated celebs in 2011.

Casey Anthony - Some have dubbed her the OJ Simpson of 2011. What is there to respect about a neglecting mother that goes days without seeing her baby daughter but finds it normal that she wasn't concerned and neither did she look for her? Cutting a long story short, her daughter ends up dead with all evidence pointing to her but somehow she is let go and lives free, among us. Casey Anthony will go down in history as one of the most hated people in the world.

Kris Humphries - Am I allowed to laugh before writing this? I mean this has to be a joke. This man is currently, the most hated man in the NBA, and because of what? Kim K? Either way, not many people are fans of the New Jersey Nets man, and he even got booed in his 1st game back with the Nets? He got booed when Kim Kardashian called the thing off? Thats rough.

Kanye West Kanye West attends the Rodarte Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at a Private Studio on February 15, 2011 in New York City.

Kanye West - I have to be honest with you, this one shocks me. Is this all because of the "Taylor Swift incident"? Wow...Nonetheless, "Mr. West" has to go down as one of the most hated celebs in 2011. His confidence and sheer style makes him quite an easy target for the general public. Most people say Kanye is very unlikeable because he comes across as a very arrogant individual. Then again, tell me which rapper ISN'T arrogant, huh? Food for thought.

Conrad Murray - This one is a no brainer, all I have to say is, depending on how you look at it; this is the guy that killed the king of pop. Michael Jackson, is no longer because of Conrad Murrays 
recklessness. Need I say more?

LeBron James - "King James! All hail King James! One of the most hated basketball players in the NBA!". I've got hand it to the man, i mean, he gets Twitter and Facebook buzzing! When the Miami Heat play people are always saying pleasant things about LeBron like, how he's "arrogant", how they "never want him to get a title ring", how "he can never be compared to Michael Jordan", I mean, these are all pleasant things right? WRONG. Most people hate LeBron and this is all because of his attitude. Okay, WE ALL KNOW you are talented but does it hurt to just tone down your ego, just a lil' bit? C'mon son...The Dirk Nowitzki jokes in the playoff finals? That was low.

Donald Trump makes the list too? Well isn't this just "a disaster". To be honest, does anyone "like" Donald Trump? I know a lot of people respect him , but does anyone "like" him? The answer is unclear, but what we do know is that Donald Trump was one of the most hated men this year, and his presidential escapades and birth certificate stunts didn't help him either. Oh wait, whats this? He took jabs at Rosie O'Donnell as well? Well, that didnt help either! (You've got to admit though, her impersonation of Donald was HILARIOUS!!!) Bottom line is, Mr. Trump has not been "adored" this year, just to put it mildly.

Kobe Bryant - Kobe, Kobe, Kobe...Well isn't it self explanatory? Kobe has never really been a favorite with the public, and this dates back to the days when Shaquille O'Neal was still playing for the the Lakers. Allegations of the NBA stars "romantic exploits" and affairs didn't help his cause either. He seems to be the target of NBA humour these days, whether its about his pending divorce to his current wife, or about his receeding hairline.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_485/image.jpg

Mark Cuban - The American entrepreneur and the owner of the National Basketball Association's Dallas Mavericks is not a favorite with the general public. A recent poll on showed that 56% of the people do not like Mr. Cuban, with one person even writing, "I hate Mark Cuban more and more I see him smile. His actual happiness brings me anger. His joy brings me pain. I HATE that man." WOWZERS!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Prince William & his beloved Kate Middleton

This may look tough but that's how our readers feel about these characters who captured the attention of the whole world with their extravagant wedding ceremony:

"Prince William. This royal idiot is a complete nothing. He is very spoiled and has contributed nothing to his own country. He wanted a very expensive wedding and just look at the economy of his country and the issues London is going through right now. And he even wanted to let the whole world watch his wedding as if it was the most important event in the entire universe. He wasted money on a stupid wedding when that money could have been used for the less fortunate people around the world. He spends so much money vacationing around the world instead of giving money to the poor. His wife looks ugly and should not be considered a celebrity. This loser prince also gets what he wants because he is royalty and because his grandmother is a Queen. There are way better royalty people around the world who contribute their time and talents to helping others live happy and healthy lives. Overall, Prince William does not know how to care for the people in his country and enjoys the royalty status by slamming it in the commoners' faces. He is spoiled and useless in the world." 

Kate Middleton. She is spoiled just like her husband. She wanted a very expensive wedding and just look at what London is going through right now!!! She can care less about the needs of her people! While citizens her age are working hard for the money, she will get through life by being a stupid royal idiot who cares for no one in the world except money and power. What a complete loser."  - Mary, U.S.   

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is sometimes loved but mostly hated

The son of a preacher and perpetual optimist has received thousands of e-mails supporting his union proposals. But protesters at the state Capitol are comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader. 

Some boisterous protesters have seized his real estate, comparing the energetic, 43-year-old governor to Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader. There's even talk of a recall election.

"The Badger State has a weasel for a governor," one sign read.

Democrats have created and bankrupted Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the "Great Society" welfare programs, you name it. Every form of social engineering experiment -- all unconstitutional mind you -- Democrats have tried has resulted in untold misery, poverty and destruction.

And they ignore all of that history and pass Obamacare -- against the will of the people -- with an enormous bill that no one read and fewer understand.

Now they're turning Madison, Wisconsin into Greece -- and, believe you me, the worst is yet to come.

People always call him a lying, dictatorial, bullying plague on Wisconsin who rewards

his donors and takes from the most vulnerable. Until contrary is proven he'll be part of our most hated US politicians gallery. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

96 year-old Dutch woman confesses to World War II-era murder

A 65-year-old murder mystery has been solved, with the confession of a 96-year-old woman in Holland.
On March 1, 1946, Felix Gulje, the head of a construction company in Leiden, Holland, was shot dead on his doorstep. During the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II, resistance fighters had suspected Gulje of collaborating with the German occupation authorities. Dutch police officials had arrested Gulje after the war, but he was acquitted on collaboration charges. Indeed, in subsequent years, it's been reported that Gulje actually aided Jews during the occupation; he provided shelter and money, and allowing a banned Catholic group associated with the resistance to use his factory.
Yesterday, Leiden Mayor Henri Lenfrink brought the Gulje affair back into public discussion with an announcement that on January 1, he'd received a letter from Atie Ridder-Visser, a former member of Holland's anti-Nazi Resistance, confessing to Gulje's murder.
Lenferink "said a woman has confessed to the killing, saying it happened in the mistaken belief that Gulje had collaborated with the Nazis," the Associated Press reported.
"On the cold sleeting night of March 1, 1946, Atie Visser rang Gulje's doorbell in Leiden, and told his wife that she had a letter to give to her husband," the AP wrote. "When he came to the door she shot him in the chest. He died in the ambulance, the mayor said, reading a lengthy statement at a news conference."
Visser moved to Indonesia after the war, married, lived for a time in Spain, and then returned to the Netherlands. She never had children. She met with two of Gulje's grandchildren last month, to explain what she had done.
Lenferink said Visser would not be prosecuted for the crime, and urged reporters to leave her alone.
"Even now, after 65 years, the murder should be strongly condemned: It is a case of vigilantism, and is unacceptable," he said, according to the AP. But he added, "Mrs. Ridder-Visser is a very old, very frail woman who hears poorly, is disabled and needs help."
(Photos: Dutch construction firm owner Felix Gulje was killed on his doorstep in Leiden, Holland, in March 1946. Atie Visser-Ridder, 96, a member of Holland's Resistance, confessed to the crime in a letter to the mayor of Leiden, the mayor announced yesterday.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

DSK Conspiracy - The fastest way to become most hated

dominique strauss kahn most hated
The short answer is: being the head of International Monetary Fund and standing in the way of international interests.

Mr Putin, the Russian prime minister, has suggested that Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be the victim of a conspiracy to force him from the head of the IMF.

Vladimir Putin said that he finds it hard to believe that the sex charges against the Frenchman are real and that he may have fallen victim to a shadowy plot to discredit him.
vladimir putin most hated
"It is hard for me to evaluate the real political underlying reasons and I do not even want to get into that subject, but I cannot believe that everything is as it seems and how it was initially presented," he said. "It does not sit right in my head."
Mr Strauss-Kahn was apprehended at JFK airport in New York on May 14 for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel chambermaid.
Russian's prime minister public support for DSK comes days after a French politician alleged that the former IMF chief had said before his arrest that he thought Mr Putin was actively plotting his downfall.

The french politician, Claude Bartolone, stated: "He said the Russians and notably Mr. Putin had formed an alliance with France to try to have him fired from the IMF to stop him running for (French) president."

The Russian prime minister's support for the embattled former IMF boss could be seized upon by his critics who suspect that he is a male chauvinist, a claim Vladimir Putin rejects.
He sparked uproar in 2006 however when he was overheard joking about rape allegations against then Israeli President Moshe Katsav. The Russian was quoted as saying: "What a mighty man he turns out to be! He raped 10 women. I would never have expected this from him. He surprised us all - we all envy him!" Kremlin's spokesman claimed the sense of the controversial(practical) joke had been lost in translation. Mr Katsav was later convicted of rape and is now serving out a seven-year prison sentence.

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