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Top Most Known Hate Organizations

Top Most Known Hate Organizations
#10: Aryan Brotherhood
It is said it had emerged in the Sixties at San Quentin Prison, the AB is a prison gang that is well known to perform much like a structured crime syndicate, particularly inside penitentiaries. The Aryan Brotherhood has been indicted for running an organized system that arranges for controlled substances smuggling, vendetta actions, murder and other crimes within prison walls.

#9: New Black Panthers
They are “a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization”(The Southern Poverty Law Center) – and as a matter of fact, its rulers have fiercely accused Jewish people for the 9|11 attacks while its credo states the white race wants to exterminate all non-white peoples. Started in 1989, the New Black Panthers have even been widely recognized as an extreme racist hate group by members of the initial Black Panthers, who cut all their connections with the extremist organization.

#8: Jewish Defense League
Set up in 1968 by Rabbi May-er Ka-hawn-ah, the J.D.L. fights against anti-Semitism in any form but many times uses extreme and dangerous methods to apply its doctrine. The Jewish Defense League is also extremely anti-Arab; one JDL member murdered twenty nine Muslims as they worshiped at a mosque in early 90's, an action that the Jewish Defense League said it was “just a preventative measure.” After this crime, the JDL was categorized by FBI as a right-wing terrorist organization.

#7: National Socialist Movement
Detroit Michigan is the origin of the N.S.M. , which in early 90"s was founded by Jeff Schoep out of what had previously been the NSAWFM (National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement). The illegal organization is one of the biggest neo-Nazi social structures in the US, with sixty-one branches in thirty-five states, and it’s famous for making use in public of Nazi symbols. National Socialist Movement claims in its propaganda that Adolf Hitler is the “beloved Holy Father of our age” and “a visionary in every respect.” In last years, anti immigration protest have become a more important activity of the party.

#6: Skinheads
The first groups appeared in the late sixties, formed out of the British working class youth, initially having no racist agenda. In time, however, a certain number of white supremacist groups changed; and in short time only the racist groups became associated with the name. The white racist, anti-Jewish initial gang grew in importance in the United States in the eighties, getting allied with groups like AYM (Aryan Youth Movement), ANF (Aryan National Front) and the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Skinhead groups are associated with extreme violent behavior against immigrants and minorities.

#5: Taliban
This extremist movement began initially in Afghanistan. The Taliban ruled the region from 1996 to 2001. In all that time, they were condemned by international forums for the slaughter of countless Afghan people and inhumane treatment of women. More than that, the regime is said to have kept United Nations help from being distributed to a quarter million of civilians and to have killed extensive surfaces of fertile land and destroy countless of houses. The Taliban rule was cast away by United States and its allies mainly because of its support of Al-Qaeda.

#4: Westboro Baptist Church
Even though the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) was founded in mid fifties, it only won its place as a prominent hate group late in nineties . The so called "Church", which is not affiliated to any other official Baptist church, is famous for planting signs stating “God Hates Fags” and uses to hold public, provocative marches against gay people. In 1998 got public attention with its provocative acts, when CNN crew have put on tape church members picketing the burial of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual first degree murder victim. The organization allegedly said the deaths of US soldiers are retribution for US support of gay people. Westboro Baptist Church is mainly made of family members of Fred Phelps, who's actually the founder of WBC. Phelps died in 2014 leaving the Church to his successors..

#3: Al-Qaeda
The extremist Islamic group which organized and carried out the 9|11 attacks , Al-Qaeda promotes a planetary holly war against those who are not of the Islamic faith. Started by Osama ben Laden and other leaders in the late eighties, Al-Qaeda masterminded the United States Embassy bombings in Kenya that murdered more than 200 innocent persons, as well as the early nineties (1993) WTC first terror attack and many other acts of savagery. After bin Laden’s being killed in action by US marines in 2011, Al-Qaeda became much less powerful and fractured, even though it tries to get reorganized and gain its strength.

Top Most Known Hate Organizations Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda - Military
#2: Ku Klux Klan
The cruel KKK has its beginnings in post -Secession War years and then gained its greatest visibility in the early twenties. The organization is the most known white supremacist US group that is fiercely fighting anything related to Jewish and Catholic people, gay people, immigrants and anyone who is not considered a WASP (White Angle Saxon Protestant). Famous for its white hooded robes, cross burning and lynchings, the KKK has spread the terror for many years in the southern states. Right now, the number of US KKK members is estimated between 5,000 and 8,000.

#1: Nazis
In 1920 in a German province called Bavaria, the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) gets founded, The Nazis, under the rule of the Austrian Adolf Schickelegruber aka known as Adolf Hitler, governed Germany and began a genocidal campaign intended to destroy those not of Aryan origin. The climax of Nazi cruelty culminated with the establishment of a extermination camp system that massacred millions of Jews, as well as gypsies, gays, individuals with disabilities. Nazi scientists also carried out brutal medical experiments on unwilling captured people. Nowadays, neo-Nazi organizations world wide keep promoting the Aryan supremacist ideals of the first german Nazi Party.


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