Friday, September 23, 2011

Prince William & his beloved Kate Middleton

This may look tough but that's how our readers feel about these characters who captured the attention of the whole world with their extravagant wedding ceremony:

"Prince William. This royal idiot is a complete nothing. He is very spoiled and has contributed nothing to his own country. He wanted a very expensive wedding and just look at the economy of his country and the issues London is going through right now. And he even wanted to let the whole world watch his wedding as if it was the most important event in the entire universe. He wasted money on a stupid wedding when that money could have been used for the less fortunate people around the world. He spends so much money vacationing around the world instead of giving money to the poor. His wife looks ugly and should not be considered a celebrity. This loser prince also gets what he wants because he is royalty and because his grandmother is a Queen. There are way better royalty people around the world who contribute their time and talents to helping others live happy and healthy lives. Overall, Prince William does not know how to care for the people in his country and enjoys the royalty status by slamming it in the commoners' faces. He is spoiled and useless in the world." 

Kate Middleton. She is spoiled just like her husband. She wanted a very expensive wedding and just look at what London is going through right now!!! She can care less about the needs of her people! While citizens her age are working hard for the money, she will get through life by being a stupid royal idiot who cares for no one in the world except money and power. What a complete loser."  - Mary, U.S.   

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is sometimes loved but mostly hated

The son of a preacher and perpetual optimist has received thousands of e-mails supporting his union proposals. But protesters at the state Capitol are comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader. 

Some boisterous protesters have seized his real estate, comparing the energetic, 43-year-old governor to Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader. There's even talk of a recall election.

"The Badger State has a weasel for a governor," one sign read.

Democrats have created and bankrupted Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the "Great Society" welfare programs, you name it. Every form of social engineering experiment -- all unconstitutional mind you -- Democrats have tried has resulted in untold misery, poverty and destruction.

And they ignore all of that history and pass Obamacare -- against the will of the people -- with an enormous bill that no one read and fewer understand.

Now they're turning Madison, Wisconsin into Greece -- and, believe you me, the worst is yet to come.

People always call him a lying, dictatorial, bullying plague on Wisconsin who rewards

his donors and takes from the most vulnerable. Until contrary is proven he'll be part of our most hated US politicians gallery. 

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