Friday, April 15, 2011

Emperor of the New Roman Empire: Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini aka "Il Duce", the main actor of the social and political movement of Italian Fascism, was obsessed with the idea of reviving the greatness of the Roman Empire. Mussolini was the founder of a secret police and built up an army of thuggish "Blackshirts" who used force to resolve political issues. His final goal was conquest of other countries which will eventually worship the greatness of the New Rome and its extraordinary leader. However, the history did not agree with the plans of the "emperor" who had a death rather prosaic. Close to the end of World War II, he was apprehended by communist guerrillas, executed, and hanged upside-down on a meat-hook to serve as a lesson for future emperors.

Weird enough, some of his descendants are now members of Italian Parliament, apparently sharing the views of their ancestor and defending his memory. Alessandra Mussolini (pictured below), white leader and proud granddaughter of the dictator, decided she'd defend her heritage by starting a political movement of her own. First she left her right-wing party, furious about its leader's denunciation of Italy's fascist past... Then, Alessandra became the founder of an association called 'Freedom for Action', with the intention of giving right-wing supporters a "new point of reference" for a "common battle." And keep in mind that all this happens in a country we like to believe is democratic: Italy of 21st century.

Concerning enough, White leaders and White activists across the World are developing a wide range of strategies to counter the democracy being performed on Europe. Europe is experiencing the emergence of powerful pro-White political parties. In North America, multi racialists and White activists are kept under strict control but not in Europe. 


You are an idiot.
Italy is democratic. Democracy assures that all opinions and views are free to be expressed. Even as idiotic as your own.

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