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The 10 Most Hated Celebrities of 2010

Bumpshack’s annual ‘10 Most Hated Celebrities’ post started back in 2006 when the site was still in it’s infancy. The post garnered tons of attention, hits, and led to me being interviewed, in studio, on MSNBC Live.
Since then it’s become a December tradition where myself and several other bloggers, from other sites, look back on the most hated celebrities of that year. The list last year grew from the top 10 to the top 20 most hated celebrities, although the name remains the same.
As always, you will agree with some, disagree with others, and this year – a nation of Bieber lovers will fill my inbox with their own hate.
Without further ado here is the Top 10 20 Most Hated Celebrities of 2010…..

The 10 Most Hated Celebs of 2010

  1. Justin Bieber (54 votes) – What is not to hate about Justin Bieber? The prep-swirl shagcut that beckons at you from every prepubescent boy at the mall? The simple and often lip synched songs? The cocky attitude that makes Kanye West look like the late Pope John Paul II? That’s the thing, you don’t have to look hard or deep for reasons why many in America despise the 16-year old Canadian. The boy prince took over Miley Cyrus’ throne as the teen queen and has dominated the charts since. His ‘My World 2.0′ has gone multi-platinum and his concerts sell out in minutes.
    However, his arrogance and cockiness turn off most fans above the age of 19. Bieber seems to do whatever he wants, whether it is beating up a teen that taunted him or throwing water balloons at his own security team from a hotel balcony high above. Bieber’s age and effeminacy seem to be the reason most hate, along with the hideous haircut, but Bieber’s massive teen following, chart success, and moxy will make sure he remains near the forefront for the foreseeable future. – Bumpshack (Joshua Holmes)
  2. LeBron James (51 votes) – LeBron started the year on top of the basketball world as his ‘then’ Cleveland Cavs had the best record in the NBA upon entering the playoffs. This quickly changed when he quit on his team in the Eastern Conference Finals, against the Celtics, when rumors of his teammate Delonte West having slept with his mom began to surface. Upon the quick exit from the Playoffs, LeBron entered the most anticipated  free agency pursuit in perhaps sports history. LBJ and his manager, Maverick Carter, decided to announce which team he would sign with on a self produced ESPN 1-hour show called ‘The Decision.’
    This ill-fated decision changed the way NBA fans and even non-NBA fans viewed LeBron perhaps forever.  Before a televised audience of millions, he spurned his home state Cavs to take his ‘talents to South Beach.’  He had not let the Cavs know before hand about his decision. He embarrassed the Cavs franchise and a fledgling city before millions. It didn’t help that he was hopping down to Miami to play alongside Dwyane Wade, who had already won a NBA title with Shaq, fellow free agent signee Chris Bosh.
    From there it got worse once the season started, James attacked his head coach by leaking his discontent to a ESPN insider via his manager. Then just last week, LeBron mouthed off that the NBA would be better if some of the teams would be contracted.  On the bright side, the Heat have lived up to their fiery name of late as they have been steamrolling teams with James dominating.  LeBron still draws the biggest crowds to NBA arenas, the difference being that most are now there to boo him, Wade, Bosh, and the Heat. – Bumpshack (Joshua)
  3. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt (47 votes) – The most futile and irritating reality couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, is once again between the ten most hated celebs of the year. Heidi started the year revealing a plastic surgery makeover that completely disfigured her 24 year-old face and body, making her feel like Edward Scissorhands. Spencer, the enabler, was even accused of keeping his plastic doll imprisoned at home. However, after the end of “The Hills”, the couple came up with a new maneuver to stay in the spotlight by getting divorced, trying to sell a lesbian sex tape featuring a Girl Next Door and getting back together as if nothing happened. What’s not to hate? We can only hope Speidi finally vanishes in 2011. – Gossip Teen (Gossip Gal)
  4. LeAnn Rimes (36 votes) – Unfortunately for LeAnn Rimes, people seem to have forgotten her place in the entertainment industry and have subconsciously dubbed her a husband stealer.  While celebrity affairs and scandal occur on the daily, it’s the Twitter declarations including her February tweet celebrating her “one year” relations with Cibrian, the public TMI straddle in front of Eddie’s kids on the 4th of July and the nauseating Shape cover and interview that really rubbed me the wrong way.  We get it.  You both frolicked under cover and got caught.  You’re in love.  Fine and dandy.  But, please spare us of your PDA’s and the squinty-eyed pie-eating grins on your faces and start adopting numerous children from third world nations to make us all try to forget why we cringe every time we see you. – Celebrity VIP Lounge (Danity)
  5. Jesse James (31 votes) – Even folks who hate haters have to hate on the man who broke Sandra Bullock’s heart.  I mean, what kind of guy does a thing like that?Jesse James, that’s who.  In 2010, Jesse went from being the man who married up to the dude who went slumming.  His multiple affairs (no less than seven!) with various skanky women, including Nazi Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, destroyed his marriage.  Later he had the nerve to call Sandra “the love of his life” and admit that he threw away a pretty amazing life for… what?  A little somethin’ somethin’ on the side?  At least he had the humility to admit that he had probably made himself the most hated man in the world.  Good thing for him that his current piece, Kat Von D, doesn’t seem to mind. – Backseat Cuddler (Gossip Monkey)
  6. Miley Cyrus (27 votes) - 2010 was Miley Cyrus’ year! The Disney star totally ditched the immaculate Hannah Montana style to become real parents’ worst nightmare. Miley started shocking the kids with a racy new image and bad girl attitude with her re-invention album, “I Can’t Be Tamed” – from outrageous wardrobe and dirty dance moves to simulating lesbian kisses on stage and bumping and grinding with an older guy at a club. Perez Hilton did everything to corrupt the singer’s image by posting a fake upskirt picture on Twitter, but a month later she proudly flashed her crotch to the world at the MMVAs. Unfortunately, Miley’s busy year did not end before cheating on her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, drinking some beers in Spain, her parents’ divorce, the celebration of her 18th birthday and finally being caught on camera while getting high on a salvia bong. Cheers, Miley! - Bumpshack (Rita)
  7. The Kardashians (26 votes) – You’d think out of all the members of the Kardashian family you’d find one with likable qualities. Maybe it’s the irritating sense of entitlement or the fact that none of them seem to have a legitimate talent and are essential paid to be pretty. What do they really do besides exhaust the world’s supply of bronzer and fake eyelashes? Enter Scott Disick (I am pretty sure the ‘S’ is silent) to trump them all. Of course, when Kim uttered this gem: “I hate when women wear the wrong foundation color. It might be the worst thing on the planet when they wear their makeup too light…” It might have secured her a permanent place in the realm of people we cannot stand. – Hollywood Dame (Cara)
  8. Jersey Shore Cast (22 votes) – Who would’ve thought that eight housemates living together at the Jersey Shore (of all places) would become American icons? The guidos and guidettes of MTV’s Jersey Shore have become household names, and there’s no stopping them now. Just when you thought the madness had ended with season 2, it appears that Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, Angelina, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, and our favorite, The Situation, will be back for season 3. We’re never getting rid of them, people! And they’re not just on MTV anymore; they’re on every station we turn to. When Barbara Walters puts you on her list of most interesting people, you must be doing something right. So get your GTL on, Bumpshackers, cause’ we’re gonna be fist bumpin’ til’ the end of time. – Bumpshack (Ella Max)
  9. Kanye West (18 votes) – Kanye West said in an interview he’s the Michael Jordan of music and the voice of our generation – I’m not the type to hate (okay, so I’m lying), but when you start making comments like that, someone needs to shoot him down. He thinks he’s the voice of the people. He thinks he’s a trendsetter. He somewhat is, but not a positive one. I can’t stand his belligerent arrogance and hate how he is nothing more than a whiny crybaby who plays the victim in everything. What makes it worse that he says it is all because of his pain.
    There can be no respect for someone who makes trouble for other people and then tries to shift blame and make it seem like he is the victim. Case in point – the interview Kanye gave with Matt Lauer discussing George Bush and the Hurricane Katrina telethon, claiming Lauer was ‘brutal’ and ‘forcing’ his answers. Or when he blames Taylor Swift for the backlash he’s received since his 2009 ‘I’ma let you finish, but…” shenanigans because she never came to his defense. He epitomises the regression of what the evolution of human acheivement and respect for others is intended to represent. You could find a more mature person in a pre-school kid. Go away Mr. West.. go far, far away. – Hollywood Dame (Holly)
  10. Ke$ha (15 votes) – Ke$ha is one of those girls that seems to get away with anything and everything. She reminds me of a young Lady Gaga. We all know that time and time again we hate her. The way she dresses the way she wants and does what she wants. And we can’t forget that naked picture scandal that Ke$ha got involved in. Is love her drug? But we all know that just adds up to being more popular, no matter how trashy it is. I just love to hate her! – Knocked Up Celebs (Taylor Blue)

  11. More Most Hated Celebs of 2010 Below

  12. Palins (Sarah and Bristol) (14 votes) – This family is the political equivalent to the Kardashians meets Jersey Shore that has been dipped in Alaska. Fame hungry and after any available power it makes for an explosive combination. No matter where you stand politically speaking it’s hard to like them with their unapologetic air of never wrong while shouting “you betcha” after slaying a moose. She seems to prefer being in front of a camera, which is odd for someone who blamed the media for some of America’s problems. – Hollywood Dame (Cara)
  13. Lady GaGa (11 votes) – Anytime you are different, especially as different and out there as Lady GaGa, you are going to be hated by a large percentage of the population.  However, GaGa is even more loved than she is hated by gays, lesbians, and straights alike.  All of the ghetto fabulous costumes and veils turn some off as just being weird.  The same people that bash KISS for being too gimmicky for wearing makeup, lavish costumes, and explosive concerts seem to love GaGa.  An artist can have a gimmick, but they won’t make it far or last long if they don’t have talent that exceeds that gimmick.  GaGa tries to be mysterious and ambiguous on purpose. It fuels fan interest and even hate towards her. To me though, all of the costumes and weird behavior distract from her music.  She is actually talented, her songs are infectious, and she is the most innovative female artist on the planet right now.  Sometimes to be hated is to be loved. – Bumpshack (Joshua Holmes)
  14. Kate Gosselin (11 votes) – Ever since her Dancing with the Stars appearance, her new found fame and single mama status, Kate has turned into this superficial
    self-absorbed monster.  From the bikini frolicking, the $7,000 extensions to the oompa loompa orange glow, Kate is no longer relatable.  Publicly dissing her ex-husband Jon, the rumors of making her kids eat 8 week old sandwichs, sleeping while the kids go trick-or-treating and her kids being expelled from school to name a few, really?  Really? She underwent the fertility treatments to have kids and now she’s seemingly shoving the kids aside to take her MILF status to the bank. – Celebrity VIP Lounge (Danity)
  15. Mel Gibson and Oksana (10 votes) – There are few things less excusable than leaving your wife of 28 years for a much newer model.  But as we’ve learned over the years, Mel Gibson is pretty much the king of inexcusable… and so it came as no surprise that he managed to sink even lower than ever in 2010.   After he dumped his mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, the ugly truth began to come out.  The racist rants, death threats, name calling and cussing caught on tape.  The affair with a porn star.  The domestic violence in which he broke Oksana’s teeth and allegedly “accidentally” hurt their infant daughter, Lucia.   “Double Douche Bag” doesn’t even begin to describe a man who hurts a BABY.  The karma train has already started mowing Mel down, though – Hollywood turned its back on him following these shocking and disturbing incidents, and he found himself dropped from project after project and ultimately was fired by his talent agency.  Maybe now he’ll get the hint and take his buckets of money and just go away. – Backseat Cuddler (Gossip Monkey)
  16. Tiger Woods (8 votes) – The shamed golfer makes a return trip to the 10 Most Hated Celebs. Tiger’s dissention into disgraced started in late 2009 when his parade of hookers/night club hostesses/Perkin’s waitresses started going public with torrid tales and love child claims that probably made Maury Povich’s brain explode. You can’t blame it all on his porn star rodeo. Tiger’s crotch may have racked up six figures on an odometer, but the way he handled it all isn’t exactly suave. The slightly creepy commercial featuring his dead father’s voice mixed with the apology press conference seemed so desperate for the media’s forgiveness. All the damage control just highlighted what really mattered to him…his career. – Hollywood Dame (Cara)
  17. Paris Hilton (8 votes) – The Hilton Hate is legendary – Take one spoiled Heiress, add arrests for DUI/drugs, sleazy sex tapes and a penchant for dating the douchiest of guys to publicists, parents and lawyers who relentlessly help her worm her way out of trouble and you get a whole pile of Paris resentment. Telling Vegas cops the purse with coke in it wasn’t hers (so junior high!) and the ridiculous notion that you can live your life so publicly (posting a twitter pic of said handbag) and not incur some wrath is brainless. The superficiality, endless excuses and untouchable attitude that knows no bounds is why she makes this list year after year. – Backseat Cuddler (Daisy)
  18. Levi Johnston (7 votes) – Let’s think back to August 2008, when good ol’ hometown boy Levi Johnston was thrust into the media as vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter’s boyfriend. Remember those innocent pictures of Levi sitting next to the Palin family like a little angel? Unfortunately, that halo quickly fell and he sprouted himself a pair of horns. Levi has successfully destroyed that ever-so-innocent image for himself by famously posing nude for Playgirl Magazine and publicly feuding with the Palin family. Most recently, he announced he would be campaigning to become the mayor of his hometown of Wasilla in 2011. Really, there’s only one thing to say about Levi Johnston: He’s a flippin’ fame whore! – Bumpshack (Ella Max)
  19. Perez Hilton (5 votes) – Time and time again Perez always comes up as one of  the most hated. Are we just jealous of his success or do we really have this anger embedded in us that makes us hate him? For all the things he does, the times he opens his mouth, it just seems that nothing seems to come out right. And the way that he draws on all the pictures, most of things aren’t appealing for anyone to actually look at. He may think it’s funny and a joke, but do we? I think he likes it that way though since he’s done nothing to change what he does. – Knocked Up Celebs (Taylor Blue)
  20. Lohans (Lindsay, Michael, Dina) (3 votes) – Lindsay and her parents, Michael and Dina are constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The public battles with each other, the almost continuous stream of legal threats to each other and anyone who glances their way are almost laughable if they weren’t so sad and downright pathetic. Again with another celeb who thinks she can do anything (attending a court hearing and having your nails painted with F*CK U) and is oh-so-clever she won’t get caught. All three act as stunted adolescents who are incapable of growing up, And yet, because of the parental drama – you can’t help but root for her to get it right this time. Be sober and distance yourself from those DNA donors. Pull a Drew Barrymore, Lindsay! – Backseat Cuddler (Daisy)
  21. John Mayer (2 votes) – We love to hate John Mayer! There is no doubt John is incredibly talented when he keeps his mouth shut. The 33 year-old kept his douchebag reputation intact with an exclusive interview for Playboy, during which he openly spoke about his intimate relationship with Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. John went as far as saying that having sex with Jessica was like being on crack, calling her “sexual napalm”. John’s ungentlemanly behavior earned him a spot in our most hated celebs list. Bumpshack (Rita)


I think Casey Anthony is....

I agree with this lot but shouldn't Rebecca Black be on there???Like instead of Ke$ha??But that is just my opinion I suppose.But I get the point entirely about Parez Hilton-anybody seen the Paris Hilton BFF from Dubi
-honestly!!Lady Gaga is odd but she can sing so I don't mind!!

The kardashians are amazing and so fun to watch everyone that comments on random things like articles about Kim's divorce being like this family is ridiculous needs to get a life considering all they are doing is posting comments about them. GET A LIFE!!!! This is entertainment, their famous for many different reasons one of which might be their appearance but anyone that only comments about that has some problems with their self esteem.

damn y is beiber hated so much?

no rebecca black wouldnt be on there her video came out in early 2011....

justin bieber is the one i hatte most cuz hes just not gay but just the way he is wit his girly voice and stuff i juz dont lyk him nd selena gomez needs better taste

miley cyruz is juz a stupid ass hoe wtf happened to her 1st she lyk a guddy2shoes no9w she by-sexual lyk tf man but i really dont give a damn but i stil hate her

Tim Tebow. I go to church on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoons I'd like to watch an NFL QB that can throw better than he can genuflect. Go on a religious retreat somehwere...PLEASE!

most hated celeb on earth is BIEBER!!!very good...!!

Where's JOHN CENA on this list.... no one likes him

To almicbal5: I hope since 2011 you have realized that the Kardashits are only puppets, that the wedding was completly fake, just for entertainment purpose and so anyone who passes comments on it shouldn't feel sorry, cause that Kim nobody doesn't care herself. She has no soul, it got "sold to the devil", how do you think her and her creepy family became famous? It's not even looks, because without makeup she is dangerously UGLY!!:) Hollywood... the land of illussssiooooonnnnnnn!

How about Perez Hilton? That disgusting excuse for a human being.

the hated celeberties ok, i do hate kesha but kanye west is pretty good

i hate jutin beibs try to drop on selena gomeza

i have never herd of no perz hilton

what about lady gaga shes not up there

and other girls try to throw a waterbolttle at him he will drop out himself

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Great post. I think it is good for visitors. I like this kind of website where has a lot of real information, It proved to be very helpful. Thanks for admin, His creativity, Presentation, Information and all is good.

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