Friday, September 23, 2011

Prince William & his beloved Kate Middleton

This may look tough but that's how our readers feel about these characters who captured the attention of the whole world with their extravagant wedding ceremony:

"Prince William. This royal idiot is a complete nothing. He is very spoiled and has contributed nothing to his own country. He wanted a very expensive wedding and just look at the economy of his country and the issues London is going through right now. And he even wanted to let the whole world watch his wedding as if it was the most important event in the entire universe. He wasted money on a stupid wedding when that money could have been used for the less fortunate people around the world. He spends so much money vacationing around the world instead of giving money to the poor. His wife looks ugly and should not be considered a celebrity. This loser prince also gets what he wants because he is royalty and because his grandmother is a Queen. There are way better royalty people around the world who contribute their time and talents to helping others live happy and healthy lives. Overall, Prince William does not know how to care for the people in his country and enjoys the royalty status by slamming it in the commoners' faces. He is spoiled and useless in the world." 

Kate Middleton. She is spoiled just like her husband. She wanted a very expensive wedding and just look at what London is going through right now!!! She can care less about the needs of her people! While citizens her age are working hard for the money, she will get through life by being a stupid royal idiot who cares for no one in the world except money and power. What a complete loser."  - Mary, U.S.   


Wow, Mary. What a bitter, angry and pathetic person you must be to hold so much hate for someone you don't actually know.

Mary you're a moronic imbecile who knows not a jot about the people you're so clearly jealous about! Firstly the Royal wedding has only served to boost our economy here in the UK (99% of the time you yanks love the Royals!) secondly, Prince William is a dedicated search and rescue pilot who puts his own life at risk to saves others (very caring in my book) and thirdly the Duchess is an extremely intelligent woman who is highly educated and also caring (children's charity ring any bells?). Mary you're clearly uneducated yourself so I'll forgive you your stupidity on this occasion however for the future I suggest you try and at least back up your ridiculous statement with facts- oh that's right you can't because you're talking out of your, now wait a minute what is it you Americans call an arse hole? Oh that's right-heiney!!!!! I put it to you dearest Mary that it is indeed YOU who is the 'loser'. Oh and maybe me too, just a bit, for replying to such a wally brain! TTFN Dahling from a v patriotic Brit

hahaha I'm English and I vote Mary for PRESIDENT

royals are parasites who live off our hard earned money

I bet your fat!! And over the top annoying bitch!!! Yanks are so stupid!! And any English person who slags off the royal family should be hung for treason! Where is your sense of national pride?!!

lol i bet an american wrote this

poor little fat spoiled yank not getting all the world attention anymore

both william and kate do charity work, international relations work he is son of princess diana you idiot, the whole family has done incredible work in the past 100 years including being an inspiration to people in not one but TWO world wars

This comment has been removed by the author.

And Americans wonder why the world think's they're stupid lol. It is tradition for royalty to have grand weddings and make it a public occasion. English history goes back thousands of years, It was English, German Spanish people etc that started populating America. You Americans didn't just magically spring up several hundred years ago, your history is absolutely weak compared to most other countries. You are all the descendants of immigrants. The same goes for most Australians who are the descendants of English criminals and Canadians who largely have French and English ancestors.

Wow we brits love these occasions and you dumb Americans are simply jealous about the fact that the way your government works is boring.

The only good that came from brit-fags is monty python and princess di mongramed airbags.

Have you learn as what you call "Good Values"??? why are you fighting with your country?

Mary you are an ignorant yank who needs to get an education before judging the more sophisticated world. The wedding, which improved the economy of England, lifted the spirits of many people, is significant in history, is tradition and was watched by many people in the world just proves what nonsense about Prince William and Kate Middleton you've dared to publish. And to the person who said 'The only good that came from brit-fags is monty python and princess di mongramed airbags'... you are just as ignorant and stupid as mary, because the brits invented the first trains, the internet, the telephone, television, and are the descendants of many people from the USA. So that doesn't count?

God Save the Queen

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen!

O lord God arise,
Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall!
Confound their knavish tricks,
Confuse their politics,
On you our hopes we fix,
God save the Queen!

Not in this land alone,
But be God's mercies known,
From shore to shore!
Lord make the nations see,
That men should brothers be,
And form one family,
The wide world ov'er

From every latent foe,
From the assasins blow,
God save the Queen!
O'er her thine arm extend,
For Britain's sake defend,
Our mother, prince, and friend,
God save the Queen!

Thy choicest gifts in store,
On her be pleased to pour,
Long may she reign!
May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause,
To sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen!

Mary you're a stupid fat douche are most americans...

the queen can go back to germany,so can annon

Dick head who said Australians are descendants of convicts what happened did all the criminals have sex and make everyone here we are descendants of English and other cultures not criminals you thick bastard

Dick head who said Australians are descendants of convicts what happened did all the criminals have sex and make everyone here we are descendants of English and other cultures not criminals you thick bastard

Im fully English. Mary is completely right. The people especially the English n first tw@ who had a go at Mary are the real pathetic, dumb, liars. Philly boy n his Missus hav done jack shit for anyone, especially for charities and other country's etc. they only go gallivanting around the world for a laugh, a 24/7 holiday for them. And u stupid commoners wanna go round sucking tha royals dicks. Tha queen? Big wow, havent u ever seen an old woman before? Do people suck ur NANs dick? Well then. Stop trying to defend people who don't deserve it, what have they done for you? Apart from spend your wages. Where are all tha royals riches from? Other country's. Thieving bastards. And true about them showing off with the wedding when majority of the country was struggling to pay their shitty tv bill to queen prick n will the racist ginger lil bitch. May Aswell worship hitler, who took everything off everyone n traveled the earth killing humans. Same thing. If any English prick comes on here defending tha royals, moaning at Mary for her honesty. I will hunt u dwn and kill ur family, young or old. It might be sick, but dumb lying story telling fuckers need shutting up before they trick tha world into sucking tha devils dick. I will make ur fat beans on toast mother eat my shit. Until u accept the truth. And don't hav a go at Mary, her American rulers r just as a waste n nobodys all rolling together chillin with Binny boy laden, laughing at all of ya. Look after ur family n stop falling in love with people u don't know and who don't giv a shit about u, tha royals think English people like myself r stupid dicks. And they r true about u, but not me. I pay no tax nothing. I will get pissed n stoned outside buckingham , laughing at them. Whilst u wipe the the one who said brits invented the television and such...have you thought maybe a few black people invented that and much more, and had their ideas stolen???

Black neggo's haven't invented sh*t, ever. Good day

Mary is right. Kate is a gold-digger, a social climber, & a fame-seeker. I read somewhere that since she was a little girl. Her mother wanted her to marry a prince & deliberately sent her to the same university, etc., as William, hoping that she would "accidently" bump into him. Kate & her mother had planned to get William for years. The love between Wills & Kate is not natural (it was manipulative & planned). Instead of seeking fame & fortune by hard work & determination, Kate sought fame & fortune by marriage to a prince (the easy & lazy way). I have more admiration for people who achieve fame & fortune on their own than I do for those who "achieve" it through marriage. Celebrities like Madonna, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump, Oprah, etc., are rich & famous because of success in their careers. Kate is rich & famous simply because she married Prince William (not because she achieved success in a career). How can you admire or celebrate someone who gets rich & famous by marrying someone who is rich?? Wealth & fame by marriage is NOT an achievement.

Kate is not interested in the DUTIES of a princess. She is interested only in BEING a princess (the fame, fortune, & title that comes with it).

I hear Wills has bad body odor.

I'm British and I fucking hate them; complete waste of taxpayers money; no wonder Thomas Paine wrote 'Common Sense' and disliked 'Hereditary Monarchy'. Yeah, a traitor in British eyes, but look at all the British 'traitors' who knew right from wrong and fought against the British Government because of its tyrannical iron heel arrogant attitude and tactics...just look at the Poll Tax Riots for a more microscopic but contemporary example. The British public are continuously getting shafted by Government and the wealthy.

these f--in royals are a leach on life you ignorant f --ing british piece of sht get your ass out of your brains asshole asshole

the only good bus that comes out of England loyal to the royals is an empty bus get rid of these royal pieces of shit and there idiot followers

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