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The Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities of 2011

[Written by Billy Sekayi - from]

There will always be celebrities that people love to hate and whether the reasons are valid or not there are a number of celebrities that stood out most in the hated category this year.

We've searched the web, researched and lo and behold, we've come up with stats and the top 10 most hated celebrities of 2011 in order. (Please note that this list does not reflect the views of us here at Most Hated People, we are merely showing information we have gotten from the web) Check out the list below in no particular order.

Kim Kardashian - Ray-J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries name who you want! Kim K has dated a number of celebs and even got married to one of them.When you turn on the TV there is a high chance you are going to see Kim K on TV...When you open a magazine the 1st thing you are going to see is, Kim K... She is EVERYWHERE!!! They should just have a show called "The Kardashians Take The WORLD. Now to say that this annoys people is an understatement, with most of the general public believeing that she is a bad example to little girls. Yep, its safe to say that Ms. Kardashian is not a favorite with the soccer mom's, definitely one of, if not THE most hated celeb of 2011

Drake - Now I think, for as long as this man is a rapper he is going to appear on this list. It seems sheer talent cannot make people "love you". Which is pretty ironic because a lot Drake's songs have to do with love. Anyways , this thought of love, and singing/rapping about it has forced a lot of people to call him "soft". A tattoo he got of Aaliyah's name on his back confirmed, apparently, that Drake is a "softie". So getting a tattoo of someone you admire makes you soft? And rapping about love makes you soft too...okay, am I missing something? Nonetheless, " Drizzy Drake Rogers" has to go down as one of the most hated celebs in 2011.

Casey Anthony - Some have dubbed her the OJ Simpson of 2011. What is there to respect about a neglecting mother that goes days without seeing her baby daughter but finds it normal that she wasn't concerned and neither did she look for her? Cutting a long story short, her daughter ends up dead with all evidence pointing to her but somehow she is let go and lives free, among us. Casey Anthony will go down in history as one of the most hated people in the world.

Kris Humphries - Am I allowed to laugh before writing this? I mean this has to be a joke. This man is currently, the most hated man in the NBA, and because of what? Kim K? Either way, not many people are fans of the New Jersey Nets man, and he even got booed in his 1st game back with the Nets? He got booed when Kim Kardashian called the thing off? Thats rough.

Kanye West Kanye West attends the Rodarte Fall 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at a Private Studio on February 15, 2011 in New York City.

Kanye West - I have to be honest with you, this one shocks me. Is this all because of the "Taylor Swift incident"? Wow...Nonetheless, "Mr. West" has to go down as one of the most hated celebs in 2011. His confidence and sheer style makes him quite an easy target for the general public. Most people say Kanye is very unlikeable because he comes across as a very arrogant individual. Then again, tell me which rapper ISN'T arrogant, huh? Food for thought.

Conrad Murray - This one is a no brainer, all I have to say is, depending on how you look at it; this is the guy that killed the king of pop. Michael Jackson, is no longer because of Conrad Murrays 
recklessness. Need I say more?

LeBron James - "King James! All hail King James! One of the most hated basketball players in the NBA!". I've got hand it to the man, i mean, he gets Twitter and Facebook buzzing! When the Miami Heat play people are always saying pleasant things about LeBron like, how he's "arrogant", how they "never want him to get a title ring", how "he can never be compared to Michael Jordan", I mean, these are all pleasant things right? WRONG. Most people hate LeBron and this is all because of his attitude. Okay, WE ALL KNOW you are talented but does it hurt to just tone down your ego, just a lil' bit? C'mon son...The Dirk Nowitzki jokes in the playoff finals? That was low.

Donald Trump makes the list too? Well isn't this just "a disaster". To be honest, does anyone "like" Donald Trump? I know a lot of people respect him , but does anyone "like" him? The answer is unclear, but what we do know is that Donald Trump was one of the most hated men this year, and his presidential escapades and birth certificate stunts didn't help him either. Oh wait, whats this? He took jabs at Rosie O'Donnell as well? Well, that didnt help either! (You've got to admit though, her impersonation of Donald was HILARIOUS!!!) Bottom line is, Mr. Trump has not been "adored" this year, just to put it mildly.

Kobe Bryant - Kobe, Kobe, Kobe...Well isn't it self explanatory? Kobe has never really been a favorite with the public, and this dates back to the days when Shaquille O'Neal was still playing for the the Lakers. Allegations of the NBA stars "romantic exploits" and affairs didn't help his cause either. He seems to be the target of NBA humour these days, whether its about his pending divorce to his current wife, or about his receeding hairline.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_485/image.jpg

Mark Cuban - The American entrepreneur and the owner of the National Basketball Association's Dallas Mavericks is not a favorite with the general public. A recent poll on showed that 56% of the people do not like Mr. Cuban, with one person even writing, "I hate Mark Cuban more and more I see him smile. His actual happiness brings me anger. His joy brings me pain. I HATE that man." WOWZERS!


If I am to say so Justin Bieber should be on the list. I think I know 1 or 2 who like him, and I know a lot of people

i wanted to look at popstars this website is not eye catching sorry

Where are Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson?

Justin Bieber should be here

lets make joseph kony famous!

michael jackson was dumb anyway who cares that he died

where the hell is justin bieber and charlie sheen p.s i love both of them (NO HOMO).

celebrities are.fictional characters. justin bieber guy admit it you love him

Put that faggot bieber on
and also "Sanjaya Malakar" is that really his last name or is this some sort of joke his last name "Malakar" means WANKER IN GREEK! SANJAYA WANKER! LOL

Put that faggot bieber on
and also "Sanjaya Malakar" is that really his last name or is this some sort of joke his last name "Malakar" means WANKER IN GREEK! SANJAYA WANKER! LOL

Put that shitbag justin bieber on he is a gay shit

Where is justin bieber and SEb BLATTER

Where the hell is Justin Bieber ?? It should be JB instead of Drake :P

Why hate trump for calling out Obama? If he did it to Bush then it's alright? Typical biased liberal piece of shits.

Where's Paris Hilton????????????????

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OKAY ! Whoever made this blog has no life and is full of mother fucking bullshit .

Eldrich "Tiger" Woods should be forever at the top of the list because he is a low-life, bottom-dwelling, scum-sucking douchebag.

kim k likes black guys ...that make her #1 ....kobe=rapist

I came in here to see Justin Bieber. Now i am dissapointed.

justin beiber should be here.

First of all Kobe Bryant is one of the most loved, and Justin Bieber is one of the most hated so u can swap them

Ya that girl ticks mme off she can't sing for shiit either.

justin bieber is a girl.She cannot be on the list.

Surely Justin Bieber should be on here. He is the most hated person in the galaxy.

Yes I agree Kim shit Kardashit is the most hated ugly morron idiot retarded person!

very interesting post.

I don't even like him in any way, but dude your just a hater.

You're an idiot who cares if you die then

I say this list is pretty accurate Jb isnt on here because he is a teen hit pop star..... although he has alot of haters he has alot o people that have "beiber fever"

Where is Osama Bin Laden.......? Or Lindsey Lohan????

Whoever hates mj is a no life

Nono KB is a rapest not cool at all and if u look past that because he plays ball then you both should be shot your the problem w the world today buddy

Dear readers please do not be mistaken. Similar to many other remarkable individuals, Justin Bieber’s personal efforts have to date benefited all of us by directly and indirectly collecting over $100,000,000 dollars for untold charities and societies worldwide. He has also dedicated thousands of hours to supporting social causes and others less fortunate. His work ethic and business acumen has been compared to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. He accomplished all of this before his 19th birthday. Thank you, Justin, we love you.
At the same time there are individuals who choose to display hateful opinions towards many remarkable and successful individuals. Please don’t let short term intentionally derogatory Social Media BS cloud your judgments. Take back control of your emotions and always question Social Media BS. Choose to be positive. A positive approach will also serve you well in your personal and family lives. It’s a personal choice. It’s your choice. Thank you for reading our message and for your considerations.

Where is beiber? That idiot smoked weed and never said anything. Not when belibers started to cut, not when a girl committed suicide and not when my BFF lost too much blood when cutting. That guy deserves to be on here. I do believe he should be on here. Why do you think number two on my list of things to do before i'm eighty is to punch him?

anyone on fox news,, AKA FAUX NEWS

not surprising that most of them are black or sleeping with black... Dumb f****** don't know what to do with a little bit of money and fame act like the trash they are that's all

i dunno why u people care bout tham they dont give fuck bout u u guys just maken tham richer they not gone call u n ask u do u need money i dont give fuck bout tham...

When i heard about the murder in ga., i knew it was black. When i heard the name, i knew it was black. Am i prejudice? Hell no, just accustome. Blacks have educated me that way!! Al sharpton, were is your ass on this one?

justin bieber should not be heere!
stop hating on him , he's talented and u people just jealous , i love jb ♥

Justin Bieber is a little queer. The truth always hurts to hear people!! Taylor Swift is a slut. She goes from one guy to another. But then again money talks, right!!!

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