Monday, January 5, 2015

Despicable me, president Warren G. Harding

the most hated US president Warren G. Harding
Warren G. Harding
On the positive side, his political decisions were very effective by modern standards, especially those regarding interracial relations and women's right to vote, and he established a Bureau of the Budget for the national budget. 

On the negative side, he was corrupt and gave almost every office he could, especially the very influential ones, to his family and political allies. Corruption was not unheard to him but part of hi daily life. 
The Attorney General, appointed by him appeared several times in front of a Grand Jury and acquitted same number of times for corruption.

Charles Forbes used the B.V.A (Bureau of Veteran Affairs) as his personal money making machine, which ended up in very poor after war treatment of veterans under Harding administration.

Lesser offices have gone through chronic bribery and embezzlement, including among Prohibition officers, stimulating rather than tempering organized crime's control over the alcohol trade.

Few controversial evidence over certain aspects of his life survived, because his very protective wife destroyed nearly all of his personal and official papers after he died, but many experts believe he also had many extramarital affairs, compounding his administrative lapses with personal ones.

His administration was profoundly despised and hated and the people was longing for a change while the country was falling down to chaos and corruption.

As if this was not enough, the country experienced great social unrest as he deceased after only two years as president.


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