Sunday, March 13, 2011

Natural Born Killers - What They Are

1.The majority of criminals in prison come from abusive homes, and are often called "birth criminals". They are damaged individuals who were criminals by the age of 10- most of the damage having been done by the age of 

2. Most of these criminals have the same type of character flaws. The following is a list of a few of these flaws. No criminal will exhibit all of these flaws, but the majority of them will exhibit most of the flaws.

- They consciously chose to be criminals, they weren't forced into crime.

- They reflect the values of their parents and their environment. 

- They can't read or write properly. 

- They committed crimes as juveniles.

- They have someone in their family who has gone to prison..

- They didn't go to church or join scouts or play team sports. 

- They were raised by a single parent.

- They don't like being exposed to good values; it makes them uncomfortable. 

- They don't think they are doing wrong because think wrong ideas.

- They deny wrong doing even when shown the facts.

- They don't respect the criminal justice system. 

- They never have experienced true happiness or peace of mind. 

- They suffer from depression, anxiety and fear.

- They have addictive personalities.

- They have negative values, attitudes and behavior.

- They don't suffer guilt because their behavior is in line with their values.

- They are constantly afraid of being hurt by other criminals.

- They look and act differently because they are different.

- They neglect their bodies.

- They have problems obtaining and keeping a job.

- They have physically abused members of their family.

- They try to blame others for their actions.

- They will produce more criminals by raising abused children.

- They have inflated egos and act tough. 

- They take other people's money by fraud or embezzlement and feel good about it.

- They seek their kind.

- They don't feel good in social situations. 

- They don't have good people skills.

- They are not loving or kind. 

- They are not law-abiding or willing to conform to rules. 

- They will repeat after being released from jail or prison.

- They live under untruths; therefore, nothing works for them and their lives are a mess. 

- They have sexually transmitted diseases.

- They talk big but never amount to much. 

- They turn to religion while incarcerated but later reject it. 

- They don't face daily tasks; they procrastinate.

- They give themselves away in group counseling without knowing it.

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Decades ago, Larry Lloyd founded the American Community Corrections Institute. ACCI sponsors a blog on the topic of criminal behavior and related issues.


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