Friday, March 4, 2011

Murder as a hobby - Ivan Milat the Backpacker Murderer

ivan milat most hated murderer
Many of the infamous people listed in this website were 'office killers' who sent people to death just by a signature or a press of a button. However this was definitely not the Ivan Milat's case who enjoyed killing his victims by stabbing or strangling them with his own hands.

A tourist hiking through the Belanglo State Forest, south west of Sydney Australia stumbled across the body of a young woman in a shallow grave in autumn 1992. Police identified the corpse as that of Joanne Lesley Walters, an English tourist who had gone missing while backpacking along the Hume Highway with her friend, Caroline Clarke. It was obvious that Joanne had suffered horrific injuries. The body of her friend Caroline, also a British backpacker was discovered the following day. She'd been shot more than ten times in the head.
The gruesome discovery of the two bodies would only scratch the surface of a more cruel and sinister plot of death and destruction.
One year later, the bodies of British couple Deborah Everist and James Gibson were also found near Belanglo. One by one, three more victims including German tourists Gabor Neugebauer, Simone Schmidl and Anja Habscied are discovered. A nation wide manhunt for the killer is launched, and subsequently Ivan Milat – a roadworker living on the south-western outskirts of Sydney is arrested.
His extreme brutality was well depicted in the independent movie Wolf Creek (2005). The last steps of Ivan Milat's known victims are traced in this brilliant, and at times graphic re-enactment of the Australia's most notorious serial killings.
Milat is currently serving life in prison for his crimes but he continues to deny his involvement. Police believe that Milat was involved in several other killings and there is strong evidence that he didn't act alone in the Backpacker murders. So be careful when travel to Australia to skip Wolf Creek area as some Milat's fellas are still free and awaiting.



I've seen that movie. Unforgettable !

Great arricle, but Deborah Everist and James Gibson both
grew up in Melbourne, not England.

Poor victims, I really hope they're happier in heaven and are in a better place.

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